The Ultimate Black Belt Test 2018 – Continued Leadership Development


What is the Ultimate Black Belt Test?


It is a year-long journey that was created to transform the body, mind, and spirit. The UBBT holds each of its candidates to a higher level of accountability and gives each member the ability to impact their respective communities. By transforming our body we are setting an example for our peers and inspire those whom we come in contact with. By transforming our mind we are continuing the path of many masters and leaders who have come before us by continuing to learn and gain new wisdom. By transforming our spirit we are looking within our selves through practiced meditation and outside by stepping away from our comfort zones to effect positive change in our communities.


The UBBT is a pilgrimage of the heart and soul. It will test commitment, determination, and emotional IQ. It will make us move away from our egos and think more intentionally about the world around us. We will impact our sphere of influence in a positive way which will, in turn, create better leaders, family members, friends, and more importantly better humans.


The Requirements: