When is it enough? When will we have the realization that we have lost our humanity? Future generations will look back upon us and question, why?


I am appalled; I am sorrowful, I am enraged!


Gun Violence, THIS DISEASE that is plaguing our country must be eradicated. Our leaders are too weak and fickle. They worry more about their campaign contributions than the lives of our youth. Many of these “leaders” (I use this term lightly) have children, and yet they act as if they don’t. I am furious! ENOUGH. There is no empathy.


I read a posting from a friend saying, “Let me be (expletive) clear. There is no greater form of patriotism than realizing your fellow Americans are dying and wanting to do something about it. If the status quo is broken, then patriots must fix it. If you think the status quo is OK, then I question your patriotism. Let’s solve problems and not accept the results of inaction.”

Yesterday’s mass murder of 17 was the result of inaction. Las Vegas mass murder of 58 dead and 815 injured was the result of inaction. Does it take the killing of your child, your loved one, or your friend to be the catalyst that changes your mind? It sure as hell doesn’t here.

Together, we must reclaim our humanity. We must become the leaders that finally stop this cycle of idiocy. You must be a collective voice; you must take action, and you must remove those who will not. We have had enough. We had enough back in the Camden shooting, University of Texas tower shooting, Wilkes-Barre, San Ysidro McDonalds, Edmond Post Office, GMAC, Luby’s, Columbine High School, Red Lake, Virginia Tech, Binghampton, Fort Hood, Geneva County, Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora, Washington Navy Yard,
San Bernadino, Umpqua Community College, Charleston Church, Orlando nightclub, Las Vegas, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. There are many more. #Enough


What can you do? You can call your representative and convey to them that you have had enough. You can organize your friends and create an event; you can find and support an event. You can post on your social media that you have had #Enough, and you can run for office and be the change you seek.


The one thing you cannot do is remain silent.